Nature reflection during quarantine


Sofie Myers, Co-Editor

For the past couple of months, as the US practices social distancing, many people are taking up hobbies and new things to do.  

This week, I decided to walk around my neighborhood and take pictures of parts of nature that I found to be beautiful. 

Normally, when I see something that looks nice, I just look at it. However, during this isolated time, I’ve been looking at things from a different perspective. 

The saying “there is beauty in everything” is proving to be true. On my walks around the block, and even hanging out in my backyard, I’ve seen the beauty in nature. I don’t really like bugs, so usually, I prefer to stay away from anything nature related.

However, this week, I’ve seen some really incredible nature in my own neighborhood. Whether it’s the sky, the trees, or the flowers, there is a lot of beauty in nature. 

I don’t think that I really appreciated it before because I never had to. Now that I’m not able to do many of the activities that I normally do, I’ve been going outside a lot more for something to do. 

Becoming more acquainted with nature allowed me to see some really cool things. Overall, I’m still sad I can’t do many of my usual activities, but I’m glad that I can better see the beauty in ordinary things.