A Summer in Quarantine 


A Summer in Quarantine 

Summer vacation this year may be different due to the stay-at-home orders. However, you can create your own vacation in your own backyard.

Mini vacation is a great idea for this. It could be you and your family or, which following the guidelines, you can invite a few friends over.

Many stores have different options for inexpensive backyard recreation for the summer.

One of the best purchases for a mini vacation in your backyard would be a kiddie pool. A kiddie pool is an amazing way to cool off, and it’s great just to lounge.

Having a nice picnic in the backyard is always a great idea, and if you have a table outside, why not make it a fun dinner? Make your family dress up like they’re going out to eat at a restaurant. 

If a backyard vacation it’s not accessible to you, many people are taking the route of a new pet or a new hobby.

 So many people right now are finding that they have so much time on their hands, why not get a new pet?

 My family and I have actually taken part in this trend. My sister got a new puppy, and I got six ducklings.

Many people who aren’t taking the pet route are finding new hobbies to occupy with their time.

Some people are starting to knit, sew, and paint. Others, like my mom, have been opening back up something they used to love doing, puzzles. People are taking their time with these huge puzzles and enjoying every minute. 

There are so many different ideas for recreation this summer whether it be backyard vacation or a quarantine puppy there is something for you and your family to do this summer.

Be safe everyone and have an amazing summer!