Senior Reflection

Carly Ungaro, Business Manager

   Being a part of the Seminarian for the past two years has been quite the experience. Throughout my time as a writer, I also held the position of the business manager for the past two years. 

      Just before scheduling my classes for junior year, I wondered what other classes I should take to fill my schedule. I never heard of Seminarian, but I did enjoy writing, and I was a part of sports and clubs, so I figured it was worth it to try out. 

      Now looking back on the decision I made, I am extremely happy that I was able to be a part of such an awesome class. Through Seminarian, I met one of my good friends who at the time was an upperclassmen. I’m so thankful to have gotten closer with people in my school who I never really talked to through this class. 

       Writing articles with my friends was so much fun because we were able to be creative while also interviewing the students at PSHS. Poland excels in sports and academics; therefore, we never ran out of articles to write! I encourage all students if they haven’t already to join Seminarian; you won’t regret it!