Athlete of the Month: Will Davies

Name: Will Davies

Sport: Football #45 

Pre-game meal: “My go to pregame meal has been a sub from Subway as it’s close to the high school and a quick light meal”

Music: “I listen to pretty much everything, but if I had to choose one genre it would be rock of any kind.”

Key motivation: “My key motivation is to keep improving and become the best version of myself I can”

Is football your favorite sport or do you have more favorite sports? “Yes, football is my favorite sport whether it is watching it or playing it.”

What made you want to start doing football?: “I always loved to play catch with a football which led me to flag football which furthered my love for the sport, taking me to my current position.”

Is football something you want to do after high school?: “I don’t know if I want to do football after college. It would be nice, but I also want time to study and balance a college life, so I would lean towards not playing.”

Is there anything special that you do before each game?: “The only ritual I have is my pregame meal. I try not to change anything too much from week to week.”

What was your motivation or who made you want to start playing football?: “My dad made me want to play football as he was always a huge football fan and loyal to his favorite teams.”