Beneficial SAT Preparation Tips 


Maddie Anzevino, Junior Staff Writer

As the SAT approaches, there are some helpful tips for student preparation. These tips can better a students scores and make studying more efficient. Preparing effectively ahead of time can help to ease stress on the test!

The first way you can begin your preparation for the SAT is by taking the PSAT, so you can familiarize yourself with the concept of the SAT. 

Mr. Vagas assured that “taking the PSAT can help students perform better on the SAT by giving them an opportunity to take a standardized test very similar to a real college admissions exam. Students can become familiar with the timing and the type of questions they can expect when taking the actual SAT.” 

The second way you can study for the SAT is by expanding one’s learning options. To do this, students can take challenging courses. 

Mr. Vagas mentioned that “some tips for getting a good score on the SAT include taking classes that are somewhat challenging. It is not good for students to be overwhelmed, however it is beneficial for students to take classes that push their learning potential. The SAT and ACT tests are designed to assess students’ potential for success at the college level. Therefore, taking challenging classes help students prepare for what they will experience in college and help them perform better on admissions exams.” 

The third way one can study for the SAT is by having a strategy on the test. A strategy that can be used while testing includes eliminating answers one feels are incorrect. 

Mr. Vagas encouraged that “while taking the SAT, make sure to read carefully. Eliminate choices that you know are not correct. If you begin to run out of time, make sure to guess on remaining questions.” 

Finally, you can study ahead of time, so you do not have to cram at the last minute. 

Mr. Vagas explained that “the time needed to prepare depends on the individual. As students progress through high school, they are preparing for these types of exams. In order to prepare specifically for the SAT or ACT, students often prepare weeks, or a month or two in advance. There are classes that meet privately on a weekly basis that come with a fee but are specifically geared toward test prep.”