Drive-In Movies

Hailey Leonard, Staff Writers

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie? Well, this the place to be if you don’t.

Drive-in movies go way back to 1933, so basically, its large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand, and a large parking area for automobiles. 

Since the 21st century, some have even put arcades or laser tag between movies. 

Within this enclosed area, customers can view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars. People have gotten creative when it comes to drive-ins. They have brought stuff to make their car as comfortable as possible by taking blankets, pillows, and sometimes couches in the back of trucks. 

Before the pandemic happened, they were popular, but now, we have to keep a 6-foot distance from each other. It just made them even more popular among teens and adults or any ages really. Drive-ins are good for bonding with family significant others, anniversaries, dates, or just to spend time with friends.