Tennis Team Celebrates Accolades


Tennis Team Celebrates Accolades

Overall, the PSHS Girls Tennis Team had a very successful season despite challenges due to Covid-19. Two of the girls, in particular, were extremely proud of how their season went. 

Although the pandemic definitely changed the way that some of the fall sports were set up, the girls were thankful to be able to even have the season. 

Senior, Caitie Palusak said, “This season was so much fun. I am grateful for being able to play this year especially with such great teammates and friends!” 

Palusak is doubles partners with Junior, Julia Eich, who also expressed her happiness at being able to compete this season. 

Eich said, “The season went  very well! I am so glad we were able to play this year because I got to play the sport I love with my amazing team.”

Even though the tennis season was able to take place, practices and matches did look a lot different. 

“At practices, we wore our masks when we were not playing and socially distanced. At the matches, we made sure to label the tennis balls so that we did not touch the ones that our opponents were also touching,” Eich elaborated. 

Palusak and Eich made it to sectionals and to districts this year due to their outstanding record throughout the year and their determination to win. 

Palusak described how these two important matches went: “At sectionals had to play two matches to qualify for districts. At the time, Julia and I thought we had to play four games to advance to districts so that was a pleasant surprise! At districts we had a very challenging match but we stayed positive and focused throughout the match.”

Eich added her input on the two matches as well: “ At sectionals, we had a “bye” in the first round, so we only had to win two matches to advance to districts. Both of the matches were a challenge for us, but we stayed positive and helped one another through each point.” 

Julia Eich also competes for the Poland Swim team and has set her goal to make it to districts for tennis again next year. 

“My hope is that next year will be a season filled with success and enjoyment. I am looking forward to playing one last year with my teammates,” Eich said.

Finishing her high school tennis career, Caitie Palusak does not plan on playing in college, but will definitely play recreationally. 

When asked what she will miss most about her time on the tennis team at PSHS, Palusak says “I will definitely miss playing with my friends and teammates.”