PSHS Swim and Dive Team prepares for Sectionals/Districts!


With Sectionals approaching this upcoming week for swimmers and Districts the following week for divers, the PSHS Swim and Dive team are preparing in every way possible to ensure their success and chance at qualifying for the state meet.

So far the season has faced some changes and challenges due to Covid. One member of the Dive team, Junior, Carmen D’Alesio says, “ So far, the season has been full of a lot of hard work and dedication by everyone. With a lot of hard work being put into practices almost everyday, it has become clear that each athlete is trying to play their part in improving the team overall.”

Girls Swim Team Captain, Senior, Camryn Lattanzio expresses her excitement for her final season of swim. 

She said, “The season has been so fun and different. With adjusted practice times, we have to adjust the number of yards we are swimming. It is shorter yardage but more difficult and high intensity workouts. Everyone is always giving their best, which is so nice to see!”

Will Blumel, a senior swimmer agrees with Lattanzio on how this year has been altered because of the pandemic. 

Blumel said, “The season has obviously been very different from past years but we’ve found a way to come together as a team and work hard while having fun.”

Junior swimmer, Julia Eich elaborated: “The season has been very exciting, but also very challenging! The early morning workouts and late meets have definitely pushed everyone to work for the team’s success!” 

The enthusiasm on the team alone definitely has an impact on their continued successes. 

After amazing accomplishments during their season last year, the returning Swim and Dive Team members hold themselves to high expectations in the upcoming weeks. 

All members of the Swim Team attend Sectionals, and that is how they qualify to Districts. However, all divers get to automatically compete at districts. 

“During districts, I’m hoping to return back to state once again. I’m also hoping to break my 11 dive school record once again that I set last year during the district meet,” D’Alesio, who competed in dive at the state level last year, explains.

The swimmers have a more challenging route to get to state, with no guarantee of competing at Districts, they are preparing well for Sectionals. 

Blumel, who swims, expresses his hopes for the meet.

Blumel said, “I was hoping to drop time in my freestyle event and luckily I did yesterday and now I am hoping to do well in a relay at sectionals and maybe make it to districts.” 

Eich said,  “During the sectional meet, I am hoping to drop time in my individual events. Our relay also hopes to make it to Districts!”

Lattanzio shared the same sentiment as she expresses her personal goals as well.

She said, “During sectionals, I am hoping I drop time in the 500. Also, our relay is hoping to make it to districts.”

All members of the Swim and Dive Team have been preparing for their respective meets in rigorous fashion. From perfecting basic dives to improving upon more complicated ones, taking needed rests, and starting to taper, are just some of the ways that  D’Alesio has already started preparing for Districts. 

For the swimmers going to sectionals, Lattanzio said that they have been working on increasing their yardage to prepare for tapering nearing about a month before the meet so that their bodies are well rested and well prepared. 

Also, Lattanzio explained what the team’s tapering process looks like: “Tapering includes going down in yardage but increasing the intensity, for example we might swim 4, 100’s sprint, but they will be on a longer time which leads to more rest.” 

A big factor that has changed the season for the team is the pandemic, but they are managing very well! Some of the bigger adjustments that the team had to make were cutting practices 30 minutes short, not being able to be as physically close to support teammates, and not getting as many meets as usual. 

The Swim and Dive Team are so excited to head into these important meets. 

Final words of encouragement and positivity are offered. 

Lattanzio said, “Support the swim dogs, by watching sectionals live!!!” 

Blumel said, “Good luck to all of our swimmers and divers and make sure to cheer us on virtually by watching live!!” 

Eich said, “Good luck to everyone competing at sectionals! Go swim and dive dogs!!”

D’Alesio said, “ I just want to wish good luck to both the swim and dive dogs at sectionals and districts!! Go dogs!!” 

If you see a member of the Swim and Dive Team in the hallway, be sure to wish them luck at these exciting events!