Seminarian Newspaper Staff Applications Now Available


Maddie Anzevino, Staff Writer

If you are interested in joining the Seminarian Newspaper for the 2021-2022 school year, please fill out the application in order to be considered!  

Here is the application link:  

We are accepting students from grades 9-12. 

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Kasten, the advisors of the school newspaper, will review your application to determine whether or not you are eligible for this class based on your interest, GPA, and availability. 

If you are interested in journalism, writing, broadcasting, interviewing, etc, this is a perfect opportunity for you! 

Students taking this class have the opportunity to share opinions, communicate with other students, develop skills for the future, build journalism skills, and write for diverse audiences. 

The students and advisors of the school newspaper emphasize the assets of joining The Seminarian. 

Mrs. Kasten assured, “The Seminarian is a great way to collaborate with other students and work on your interview and research skills. It also looks great on a resume because you are a published author! We get our assignments done while enjoying ourselves! You will not regret applying for The Seminarian!”    

Mrs. Smith remarked, “I always remind students that being on the newspaper staff stands out on a resume because many know that it is an academic club that requires contribution throughout the entire school year. The publication is digital, so even after a student graduates from high school, their resume of writing is captured on the website, which can be linked on resumes or used during future college interviews. Additionally, this elective can be taken repeatedly in high school and allows students to become leaders. For instance, a student may start as a newspaper writer and in later years become an editor or a business manager, etc. Not to mention, being on the newspaper staff is fun! Students can be creative and work with each other to publish articles that are available to be read by the community as well as the student body. Technology allows for surveys and creating digital graphics to accompany writing as well.” 

Junior Sofie Myers, Editor in Chief, affirmed, “Joining the Seminarian Staff is a great idea because it gives you a lot of opportunities to try new things! You get to write about an report on different things happening in the school, community, and extracurricular activities. It is a super low stress but also rewarding activity. It is a very positive and supportive environment, and all ideas for articles are taken seriously. I would definitely recommend joining the Seminarian Staff!”      

For additional information, feel free to contact the advisors or any students currently enrolled in the course. Also, if  you are interested in taking this class next school year, please fill out the application ASAP!