The End is Almost Here


For seniors, these last couple of months feel like the longest 3 months anyone has ever gone through; however, if you’re anything like me, thinking of college and new lives outside of college is what’s motivating us seniors to finish strong.

For those of us who are still deciding what we want to do after high school, it can  be very beneficial to look at fellow students career paths and imagine ourselves in those positions 

With the help of Poland Seminary Class of 2021, within the class of 2021, the medical field has been one of the most popular career paths between students with nursing and pre-med being the most common 

Another popular choice between students at PSHS is their choice in colleges. Out of the 79 students represented on the seniors Instagram page, 29 of those students are attending Youngstown State in the fall. Other popular colleges to attend are Kent State University and Ohio State University. No matter where we end up after high school, we can all agree that life after PSHS is an exciting and scary time, but being able to explore our passions and discover new possibilities allows us to grow and have the chance to become our own people.

Kylee Hissner, a senior at PSHS, is planning on attending Eastern Gateway in the fall and is most excited about being able to grow her skill and learn more about her intended career in graphic design. 

While Sophia Sainato, another fellow senior, is most excited to live in the dorms and be able to learn more about a career she loves in fashion design. Sainato further explained that she chose Kent State because it is one of the top five fashion design schools in the country while still being close to home. Staying close to home seems like a popular decision with more students choosing to stay in the city of Youngstown

No matter where we end up after high school or what we decide to do with our futures, what we’ve learned and the connections we’ve made will stay with us long after we’re gone, and PSHS will be a defining place in our lives.