Spring Break

The 2020-2021 school year has been one of constant uncertainty and worries. It contained many twists and turns when dealing with the coronavirus, and the students and staff have all been working very hard and being as cooperative as humanly possible. As everyone draws closer to spring break and the weather warms up, the Seminarian asked students and staff how they felt going into this much needed break as Poland Seminary High School nears the end of the school year. 

“Yes, I am excited for spring break,” said Ben Harrell, a sophomore at PSHS. “I’m not going on vacation or anything, but I am ready to spend my time hanging out with friends, making new ones, and making the most of my time off.” 

A low stress sort of vacation seemed to be the case for Harrell, which seemed to be the common theme for other students as well. 

George Maillis, a freshman, said that he too is excited for spring break. “I wish it were a little bit longer, but it’s alright. I don’t have many plans as of now, but I am very ready for school to be over.”

Likewise, the faculty and staff reiterated similar themes. Mrs.Smith, a language arts teacher in Poland, expressed her excitement at the oncoming break. “I’m going to grade some papers. If the weather is nice I will do some outdoor activities with my children. I think that we have a nice amount of days which will be good for the students to recharge for the 4th nine weeks.” 

“I feel positive about moving into the final stretch of the year,” Smith concluded. 

Overall, there is a common consensus moving into the 2021 spring break season. It will be a much needed vacation for relaxing and recollecting in a complete roller coaster of a school year. It will be a break of unlimited options for recreation, as Poland gears up to make the final quarter of the school year the best one yet.