Advice For The Incoming High School Freshmen  


Maddie Anzevino, Staff Writer


  • Try to get the best grades as possible: While first starting high school, many students need time to adjust to the workload, but make sure you are completing all your work on time and studying hard. Make sure you are maintaining a good GPA because waiting until your last couple years of high school to start getting good grades could be too late. Do not persistently procrastinate as you will begin developing bad habits that will not be breakable, and when you have an overload of homework, you will not have time to procrastinate. Always attempt extra credit when it is offered as it will only help you, not hurt you.  
  • Get involved: Join as many clubs and participate in activities as much as you can. Being involved will only benefit you in the future. Not only does it look good for college, but it shows that you care and are making an effort. In addition to clubs, volunteering is also a great way to get involved. Volunteering looks great on a resume and can also help get you inducted into the National Honor Society. Some things you can participate in at school includes 
  • The Seminarian Newspaper
  • Pioneer   
  • FCCLA 
  • Spanish Club 
  • Italian Club 
  • Art Club 
  • Student Council 
  • Speech and Debate Club 
  • Band 
  • Sports 
  • Seek out new challenges: If you think can handle taking tougher classes, then you should give it a try. If you are not taking the most difficult classes now, maybe consider pushing yourself next year- that is if you can handle it. Even though you are a freshman, you should always be thinking ahead, because time does go by fast. Take a look at what classes are available for upperclassmen. Maybe think about college credit courses, so you can get some courses out of the way for college. 
  • Do your work independently: By copying a friends work, you are only not only not learning anything, but you also are risking your grades. By doing this, you are only hurting yourself; you will get extremely behind, and at some point, you will never catch up. Not to mention the repercussions this will have if you get caught. You will be given a zero, which can really hurt your GPA.     
  • Work hard:  Working hard is a great skill to have as it can help you achieve your goals, it pushes you ahead in life, and it paves the way to important opportunities such as good colleges, scholarships, academic rewards, etc. In order to do this, you should complete your assignments on time, put maximum effort into every assignment, spend time studying for quizzes and tests, and ask for help when needed.