Mrs. Grisdale’s Retirement

Katelyn Domico and Sofie Myers

Mrs. Grisdale has been a teacher and coach since 1997. After being a great teacher for 23 years, she is going into retirement. Mrs. Grisdale will be missed dearly by her students and staff. Her kind heart and understanding personality will be greatly missed by us all. 

When asked what her favorite thing about being a teacher was, she responded, “I love working with young people, especially helping them improve on something they didn’t think they would be able to do well.  Math and running are both intimidating, but also things that improve substantially with effort.  Watching that growth happen is an extremely rewarding experience!”

Mrs. Grisdale always noted what she loved about working with her colleagues.

She said, “I also love working with other passionate adults who care so much about the people they’re working with and for.  So many people in the Poland Schools are extremely special, and we’re all very fortunate to be here together.” 

Such a touching response from Mrs. Grisdale is another reason she will be missed by all of us. In her retirement, Mrs.Grisdale is looking forward to spending more time with her daughter, Jackie, and her husband too. Spending more quality time with family members and getting back to reading are on the top of her list. 

This is what Mrs. Grisdale wants to leave her students: I hope all of my students remember to ask questions when they don’t understand, and try something even if they are not sure they are right.  Great effort with the right attitude will make a difference every time!”  

After being one of her students, I can say that these words hold true to her person. She is always happy to further explain and listen to her students’ needs before anything else. 

We wish her a happy retirement and will continue to use what she taught us not only as students in math, but as people too.