Tennis Season with Seniors Katie Jacobson and Julia Eich


Sofie Myers and Maddie Anzevino

Overall, this year, the girl’s tennis team had a very victorious season. The team is 10 and 1, winning the majority of their matches. In particular, two senior players, Katie Jacobson and Julia Eich, are fulfilled with how their season has been going thus far. 

First, Senior, Katie Jacobson, who has been playing tennis since the age of 9, highlights her perception of how the season has been going. 

Jacobson said, “The whole season has been going very well; it has been very fun. I have such a great team by my side.” 

Next, Jacobson informs us about the toughest team to play against: “Struthers is definitely the hardest team to play because they’re a competitive team with a lot of good players. They make you work hard for every point you earn.’’  

Jacobson reveals that her favorite style of tennis to play is singles since it provides her with additional obstacles and a sense of satisfaction. 

She reflected, “I like playing singles. I have mostly been playing singles for the past 4 years. I really enjoy the extra challenge of being on my own. I always feel accomplished playing singles.” 

Winning as a team and the memories created on the bus excursions to games were two attributes Jacobson relished this season. 

Jacobson stated, “It was always exciting to make memories on the bus rides to games with my team. Also, winning as a team was rewarding.” 

Afterward, Jacobson comments on an area of the season where she feels she could have performed better. 

She recollected, “I feel I could have prepared more for the more difficult matches with extremely talented opponents, such as Struthers.” 

In addition, Jacobson notes that she is not going to partake in playing tennis for a team after high school, but she does plan on playing recreationally in her leisure time. 

Jacobson exclaimed, “I do not plan on playing tennis after high school. I would still like to practice with my friends for fun, though!”

Finally, Jacobson delineates how different this season has been for her as a senior; she desires to establish a positive environment for her younger teammates. 

Jacobson said, “I feel my younger teammates look up to me because I’m the oldest grade in the school. I always want to set a good example for the other grades.” 

Senior, Julia Eich has, also, had an extremely successful tennis season her senior year. Playing doubles this year, she has a perfect win record. 

This season, many team’s matches have been canceled due to the rainy weather. However, they still continue to achieve great wins on the court. 

Eich reflects upon her high school tennis career: “I wish I would have appreciated every single practice and match a little bit more. It is going by so fast.” Her favorite tennis memories from her 4 years on the team are from the bus rides to away matches. 

Eich talks about being a senior this year and how that has impacted her: “There is a lot more stress on you as a senior. You are expected to be a leader for the younger girls and play your absolute best. This stress is usually good because it forces you to focus.”

Eich is planning on playing intramural tennis in college but is excited to finish out her senior season strong. 

Ending with a positive message to the younger bulldogs on the team, Eich said, “Over the last 4 years, I have had so much fun playing the sport I love with my teammates. Go Dogs!” 

Congratulations, Katie and Julia for all your hard work and success, and good luck with the remainder of your season!