Spanish Club’s Trunk or Treat!


The Spanish Club’s Trunk or Treat Event is back this year and will be held for anyone that is interested in getting extra candy before Halloween. While interviewing head club advisor and Spanish teacher at Poland Seminary High School, Señora Mitch, we were able to discuss some important details you may need to know about this year’s Trunk or Treat event. 

Señora Mitch is very pleased to announce that Trunk or Treat is coming back this year.

She said, ”I am very excited, we couldn’t even schedule one last year.”

Due to Covid-19, the outcome predicted will be larger this year than the previous 2019 event. Approximately 15-20 trunks are going to be decorated and will be ready for any trick or treaters on Thursday, October 28th from 6:30 p.m. to around 8:00 p.m. 

Details have been released on the event, and it will be held in the stadium parking lot.

Not only will trunks be there, but a Day of the Dead display will be available for viewing under the ticket area. This has been an ongoing tradition for the past three or four years and is very popular among all participating and those attending.

The FCCLA pumpkin event is also held and will be joining Trunk or Treat across the parking lot this year for maximized fun. 

Señora Mitch said that the age group varies from preschoolers to middle schoolers, but all are welcome!

Though this event is only advertised around Poland, feel free to tell your younger siblings, cousins, neighbors and friends about Trunk or Treat, so they can join in on getting an early start to getting some candy this Halloween.

In order to have this event be successful, regulations for allergen safety within the event, and for Covid-19 have been put in place. 

Mindfulness of allergies has been considered thoroughly.

Señora Mitch says, “We come up with nut free candy bags for kids with allergies.”

These will be on the Day of the Dead display for those to pick up. However, it is still implied that the rest of kids attending still need to be mindful of what they are consuming in case of an underlying allergy. 

In regards to Covid-19, masks will not be required due to Trunk or Treat being an outside activity. However, you can choose to take any desired precautions that you would like.

In addition, all children must be accompanied accordingly by a parent to ensure safety. 

Trunk or Treat will bring back the spirit that was lost last year around Halloween.

These events being held are steps in the right direction of normalcy and will give everyone attending memories of special moments this Halloween.