Microtechnology Club: A Bigger Future in a Smaller Shape


Owen Puhl, Sophomore Staff Writer

If nothing else, the Coronavirus has spawned some conversation starters. Chances are, anyone living through this pandemic has heard the words “new normal” escape someone’s lips. One example of this “normal” is the seemingly endless list of shortages brought on by the pandemic. 

A notable shortage is that of microtechnology. While this bite-sized science can take many shapes, Princeton notices it to be more or less centered around silicon chips that power modern technology. Coordinator of STEM outreach at Youngstown State University Ms. Burton outlines applications of the study.

Professor Burton said, “Microtechnology is used to make all technology work from cell phones to weapons from the Department of Defense. This is the present and future all at once. ”

In 2020, the industry was forced to juggle COVID’s trademarks of unemployment and health concerns. After many jobs were reopened, math teacher Mr. Hritz notes the struggle that emerged.

Mr. Hritz said, “For years, the US has sourced its microtechnology overseas. Since COVID, we have been short of microtechnology because we cannot get workers in shipping or manufacturing.”

Now more than ever, the future is critical. Luckily, Poland and YSU have organized a solution: an in-house microtechnology club. Representatives from both administrations will organize to provide both information and support for aspiring students.

“I recommend this club for anyone who is interested in either engineering, STEM, or YSU. It’s never too early to prepare for your future. If you’re curious, come find out!”

While the club wears the label of microtechnology, Ms. Brown explains the many other hats this club wears. 

She said, “Seniors, you are eligible for a $1000 scholarship for your freshman and sophomore year at Youngstown State. But even if you are not a senior, we provide ACT support that would cost you on average $900 otherwise. Choolaah is an industry partner, for anyone who meets the criteria, you are also eligible for gift cards.”

However, money is not everything. This club has benefits far beyond.

“All you have to be is interested. This is a great opportunity to connect with somebody that has the same interests as you, whether you are interested in STEM or not. You do not have to be ‘good’ at STEM to join; you’re always welcome.”

If you are interested, give it a try after school on Tuesdays, or on a free lunch on October 5th. 

Here’s the link to the YSU STEM outreach department for anyone who has any more questions https://ysu.edu/academics/science-technology-engineering-mathematics/scholarships/admete-program