Student sign-ups for YSU’s 44th English Festival


In a week, there will be an announcement about the English Festival. This will be the 44th English Festival!  With that being said, let’s dive into what it will all be about.

First, the event takes place April 6, 7, 8 in 2022 .

It will be open for all students 7-12th grade to join in on the fun, making this an event everyone can attend and learn and grow from.

There will be two groups 7th through 9th grade and then 10-12th grade , with two different sections of books to read . 

This will be an all day long event, featuring guest speakers and published authors. Students can even get their books autographed. 

 Students will not be attending the school day as normal; they will be taking a bus to YSU.  

If interested in signing up for this, there will be a meeting for all people to attend, and you can sign up with English Festival Advisers, which includes Mrs. Hurdley, Mrs. Kasten, and Mrs. Smith for Grades 9-12, and Mrs. Moncilovich for Grades 7-9.

“It is a great event where you can socialize with other readers and also challenge yourself,”  said Mrs. Smith, English Teacher and English Festival Co-Adviser.

 In order to join the event there will be a section of books you have to read; there will be 7 young adult books in total, and there will be fiction and nonfiction as well as one graphic novel.  They will have 5 contests in total including one for teachers.  

“It is always a good idea to come prepared for this, especially by reading the books. Read the books, plan when would be a good time to read, and plan to have them read before spring break,” said Mrs. Smith.

So come prepared and come have fun! 

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