The New Start To The Tennis Courts


Felicita Quinones, Junior Staff Writer

As the girls tennis season started, many people noticed that the tennis courts are not in the best condition. There have been some obstacles to being able to get new tennis courts. Mr. McKenzie, Poland Schools Director of Operations, had some insight about this current issue. 

Mr. McKenzie said, “We feel that along with funding for the project, a large obstacle is to design the courts properly to ensure their longevity.”

Funding and getting everything ready for this project will take a lot of time. There will be obstacles along the way.

“We will have an engineer/architect evaluate the courts to make sure there is proper drainage for the courts.  This evaluation will determine whether the courts get repaired and resurfaced or complete new courts will be installed,” said Mr. McKenzie. 

When we get to the time of getting new tennis courts someone will have to come out and evaluate the courts. Also, there is a drainage problem, so they will have to be fixed properly. Due to the current condition of the tennis courts, they will have to decide whether or not to get new courts or to get them resurfaced. 

The tennis courts are still safe to play on. Residents of Poland like to play tennis on the high school courts because they are safe and in a good area. However, some repairs are recommended. 

The tennis courts are still usable but not in the best condition. They do have repaired cracks but those cracks will always not be covered, they will wear down to where they are cracks again. 

“I believe the courts are on their last leg. The repaired cracks do not have much time left to hold,” said Mr. McKenzie. 

“With the funding used for the educational classrooms this past year, the tennis court evaluation is set to begin this year,” said Mr. McKenize.

The classroom and the education budget had to come first, but the new tennis court evaluation will begin this year. 

Mr. McKenzie said, “The approximate costs for repairing the cracks and resurfacing is $50,000.  If we have to completely install new courts the approximate cost would be around $225,000.”  

To repair the cracks and resurface the courts would be cheaper than installing new courts completely. There is a huge difference between the amount of money estimated for it to be. 

“We will have the evaluation process on the courts this Fall, and those results will determine if the funding for this project can be included with the appropriated funds for Capital Improvements,” responded Mr. McKenzie.

The tennis courts have no exact time in play or when they are going to be redone. This all depends on the appropriate funds. If funds are available, there are some designs already being considered. 

Mr. McKenzie said, “I really like the design Struthers High School has. I would imagine something similar with bleachers for our fans to sit in with new lights around the court.”

The tennis courts would look different from what they are now based on a different school setting. Overall, it has a nice and different design from what we have now. 

“We try our best on what we have to work with. The courts get power washed every summer. Nets have been replaced every other year, old shrubs have been taken down to improve fan seating. The students and parents have helped out tremendously through the years, and we are in desperate need of new tennis courts!” responded Mr. McKenzie. 

The tennis courts do get cared for; the courts get power washed every summer, so they can look nice for the season. The nets get replaced every year also. They have improved the seating for fans by taking down the old shrubs.

The district is grateful for all of the care that many parents and students have shown to the courts, and maintains a positive outlook that the new courts are in sight!