Freshmen students, Hannah Drummond and Josylin McMannis move to PSHS


Maddie Anzevino, Editor in Chief

Starting high school can be exhilarating, but for the majority of students, it is a daunting transition. There will be new opportunities, new people, new classes, new teachers, and overall, new requisite adjustments. 

In particular, two freshman students who are new to the district gave insight into what it is like to embark upon a new adventure. 

To start off, Hannah Drummond emphasized how dramatic the transition to PSHS has been for her. She delineated how PSHS differs from her former school in terms of how we conduct things. 

She said, “This year is extremely different for me since it is my first year of high school. It has been somewhat difficult since I went to MSMV in 8th grade, which is a Montessori School, so it is a very different way of teaching and learning. The classes are very different; there are more students and more teachers. Poland is definitely a little more strict which can definitely be helpful sometimes.” 

Subsequently, Drummond highlights the impact that teachers and students have made in facilitating the adjustment process and helping to combat fears. Furthermore, she expresses how welcoming her teachers and classmates have been upon her arrival at our school. 

Drummond reflected, “The teachers here are very willing to help and they are very caring. I have already made a few close friends with some of the students here. My first day of school here was very chaotic and stressful as any first day of high school is expected to be, but my friends helped me through it; I am very thankful for them. I am so lucky that I have my close friends to rely on when I need help or support.”  

Finally, Drummond closes off with a valuable lesson she learned thus far from being at our school: “I learned it does get better, and I just keep trying. My first day was very chaotic, but I pushed through the hard first day, and now it is much better.”         

In addition, another freshman student who is new to the district voiced her viewpoints on what it is like to start a new school. 

To begin, Josylin McMannis depicted the adversities she encountered when first starting school: “My first day at PSHS was very chaotic and confusing. At many times, I wanted to cry. I felt so very lost.” 

While the first day appeared daunting, McMannis emphasized how after the first day she “…met most of my friends. They have been so welcoming. I love it here now! PSHS is so friendly and welcoming to new people like me.” 

Secondly, McMannis juxtaposed PSHS and her prior school. Despite the differentiation between her old school and PSHS, she notes that we still provide the same opportunities to learn. 

McMannis added, “Before PSHS, I went to school at Springfield Local Intermediate. Many things are different here from my old school including the dress code . . . and curriculum.”

To close off, McMannis ponders what she feels she will take away from being at PSHS. 

She reflected, “I feel like I am going to walk away from here having new friendships, learning experiences, and a lifetime of memories.” 

Best of luck, Hannah and Josylin in your journey through PSHS! : )