Welcome to the Bulldog Family


Here at Poland Seminary High school this year, we have a great number of new kids across all the grades, but of those new kids, there are five new seniors, and two seniors reiterated the positive community of Poland so far.

Madalyn Kemp, who is originally from Marietta and went to Fort Frye High School told us that there wasn’t much variety, and that it was very out of touch with the rest of the town. In contrast, she stated that Poland was bigger and that there are more classes she was interested in. 

Kemp said, “Poland is an all-around better school.” 

Kemp said that she feels welcome, and that the people are very kind. She likes the teachers and staff a lot. Overall, she had very positive opinions about Poland.

Another new student this year is Donny Nelson. Donny is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and he went to Canal Winchester High School. 

He stated that he likes Poland’s school size in contrast to his previous high school, and that it “felt like more of a community.”

Nelson feels that everyone is very friendly and welcoming. 

Along with that, he said that the staff is very nice and helpful. 

This year, Donny is wrestling and plans to play lacrosse when the season starts.

Overall, Donny also had a very positive attitude towards our school.

The biggest differences from both students included dress code and size of the school.

Both of the new students we interviewed had so many good things to say about our school, staff, and students; but most of all they both talked about what a good community we have here at Poland Seminary High School. As a school, we are glad to make them feel so welcome in our Bulldog Family.