Sectionals for Tennis Recap


Sofie Myers, Editor in Chief

On Wednesday, October 6, the Poland Seminary High School Girls Tennis Team embarked on their journey to Struthers High School to compete at Sectionals. The results from Sectionals determines whether or not certain team members will get to compete at Districts. 

The girls tennis team had a very successful season; they even tied with Struthers for the NE8 Conference title. 

At Sectionals, the doubles team consisting of two seniors: Katie Jacobson and Julia Eich, who won their matches and advanced to compete at Districts on Friday, October 15 in Fairlawn. 

Eich and Jacobson got ceded second overall for Sectionals. They had a bye in the first round, so they only needed to win 2 matches in order to make it to districts. 

The preparation for Sectionals consisted of lots of practice.

Eich states, “Katie and I went to the courts every day leading up to the match. We played against other double’s teams during practice and focused on placement and techniques.”

In agreement, Jacobson elaborates, “We practiced everyday before sectionals, learning double strategies.” 

Although the girls played singles for the regular season, they teamed up and combined forces to play as a doubles team for Sectionals. 

Their goals for the matches were light and positive for their senior season.

“Our goals are to keep each other positive, place the ball smartly, have fun, and win!” Eich says. 

Jacobson has the same point of view about Sectionals, saying, “Some goals are work together, talk to each other and play smart.” 

They definitely met those goals last Wednesday, as they qualified for Districts and competed their very best. 

To prepare for districts, they have to make a different set of goals in order to plan for and compete well at the matches. 

Jacobson says that their goals for districts are to “play and practice as much as we can before districts and come up with strategies.”

Agreeing with her doubles partner, Eich states, “We are practicing as much as possible and focusing on our confidence when playing.”

The girls leave positive messages to the school and their teammates as they make their final preparations for Districts. 

Jacobson says, “Thank you for all the support and having a great and fun season!”

Eich leaves off with“ I have had the best teammates over the last 4 years. Thank you guys for everything and go dogs!”

Make sure to congratulate Julia and Katie on their success at Sectionals, and to wish them luck at Districts!