Boys Soccer


The PSHS Boys Soccer Team has had a very successful season thus far; they are currently 15-1-1. In conference play, they are 11-1.

Overall, it is a great season so far, and we interviewed two soccer players, Carmen D’Alesio, a senior, and Micheal Daley, a freshman.

In terms of their thoughts and feelings on the season so far, they both agreed that they need to work better as a team, but they felt positive about their successes so far this season.

They believe if the team works hard they will be able to make it far this season. 

Balancing a sport and school can be challenging, but both boys said they are always able to figure it out so it works.  

D’Alesio said, “We have good chemistry, and we know each other well.”

Daley agreed with D’Alesio’s statement and added that soccer is such a great activity and that they do it to have fun.

Sports are not only fun, but they also help students to grow as individuals.

Daley said, “It has taught me great life lessons about discipline and how to win and how to lose.”

D’Alesio said, “Soccer has taught me a lot over these past four years of high school about friendship and about winning and losing.”