Poland HS Girls Soccer Team

The PSHS Girls Soccer Team has played 16 games so far, with a record of 13-2-1. They also won a conference title for the first time in many years.

Bella Beight, a Junior, states, “This is a huge accomplishment for our team.”

Even with such a successful season this year, COVID unfortunately is still a major concern of course.

Senior, Avery Grishow, states, “This year has been really complicated concerning covid. We are still worrying about players being quarantined after having myself and another player quarantined at the beginning of the season. Covid does not allow us to shake hands before and after the game either which is new for us.”

 Although this team had its setbacks, the girls are still determined to make and meet their goals for the season. Some of these goals for the girls were: to start varsity, to have fun with their teammates, make it to playoffs, finish their senior season strong, and to be good leaders.

Some of the girls have met their goals, but some of them are still working hard to achieve theirs before the season ends. 

With the season coming to an end and the girls having their senior night, lots of tears were shed on the Poland home field while all the seniors shared their favorite moments and memories of the season and past seasons.

 Grishow had many good  memories with me, but her favorite memory of all  was walking off the Pavlansky field by her best friend Bella Milano’s side.

Grishow said, “Senior night was emotional. I was sad to leave my teammates and coaches, but more sad knowing I’d never perform for the parents again. The parents were amazing. They made our senior night so perfect and beautiful.”

Overall, the season has been one of the best ones the girls have had since the global pandemic hit, and they will hopefully continue to finish out the season strong.