Meet the New Student Teacher in Art


When the school year started, the students were informed that there was going to be a new student teacher in art class. Miss Sonntag is thrilled to be student teaching at PSJSHS  and anxiously awaiting to get her K-12 teaching license for art.

When asked what made her decide to become an art teacher, she replied, “I originally was studying to be a veterinarian medical major. I was going for Biology when I first got out of high school at 18, but I found out I am very sensitive. When I had to take an academic class and dissect a cat, I was done from there. After I had my kids, I was able to do the fun art projects with them, and because I was going to be able to plan my schedule around them, I decided I’d love to be an art teacher.” 

Miss Sonntag then reflected on the academic course load that is required to become an art teacher.

Miss Sonntag said, “YSU has a really good art program; we do about 200 hundred field hours before I event started student teaching before we even start in Elementary, Middle and High school, and special education classes. I tutored at Youngstown for a few months every day. The art program is also really fun and fulfilling, especially art education; you do things like work with metal, metal forging, clay, and ceramics which is my favorite, painting, and drawing of all different kinds. There are a lot of fun things to do there.”

She also stated that she was most excited to teach the EdTPA because it is required for her licensure, and she planned for it for a month and a half, which included writing 29 pages, so she is excited to teach what she has been working on. 

When asked which school or grade level she was planning on working with when she was out of the student teaching program she replied, “That’s a hard one, I do really like middle school grade levels because I like that transition. I feel like a lot of people put a lot of heat on the middle schools, and I always root for the underdogs.¨ 

She is very excited about teaching and impressed with the current skill level of the art students at PSJSHS.

She stated, “At Poland, I am extremely impressed with the skill level… The skill level is extremely high; I think due to Mrs. Holub making you guys do sketchbooks because when you are continually practicing those drawing skills you get better and better.”

She said she was extremely thankful for being here and having the opportunities she has with this teaching program. She is excited to see where this road leads in the future.