Knoll Run Golf Course Review


Knoll Run Golf Course, located in Lowellville, Ohio is home to Poland Seminary High School’s Men’s Golf Team.

We will be breaking down the ins and outs of Knoll Run such as the prices, conditions, etc. 

Nine holes at Knoll Run starts at a rate of $18.00 with the cart and for 18 holes it is $28.00. Comparing this to the average cost of 18 holes in Ohio, Knoll Run is significantly cheaper than the average of $36.00. 

In terms of the greens, there is minimal damage to them, and they are cut very evenly.  The fairway is well taken care of, cut nicely and only has a few ground under repair areas throughout the whole course. 

When it comes to the tee box there are ups and downs. The tee box is a little bit hard, which makes it a little bit harder to enter your tee with minimal effort.

Another aspect that is connected to the tee box are the signs that tell you the hole and the yardage. Knoll Run’s signs are usually accurate within 20 yards. We are able to compare the yardages with a GPS device which allows us to assess the accuracy of the signs. 

Also, there is an issue at golf courses when the tee box is in poor condition because of the amount of divots in the box. Most golf courses will change the location of where you tee off at so the divots will grow back, and Knoll Run does a good job of that.

When it comes to how you transport yourself from hole to hole there are two ways, by cart or by foot. Knoll Run’s carts work perfectly fine. The carts are always clean,  fueled up for every new customer, and they are quick and comfortable.

Looking further into the faces of Knoll Run, the staff is nice, welcoming, and helpful.

We would definitely suggest a visit to Knoll Run if you have not gone yet because you cannot beat the quality of the course for the price you pay.