School Play Insight: 67 Cinderellas


Maddie Anzevino and Peyden Grope

Rapidly approaching, the school play will be held in the auditorium of Poland Seminary High School during the dates of November 18-20th at 7 p.m. The play for this year is entitled, “67 Cinderella’s;” the lead roles include Sophomore, George Maillis as the Prince and Senior, Ellen Ethridge as Cinderella. Also, Senior, Sofia Myers; Junior, Dennis McCully, and Play Director, Mrs. Fonagy all share their perception as to what the play entails. 

To begin, McCully and Myers collectively unveiled their motivation for trying out for the school play. 

Starting off, Myers exclaimed, “It is my senior year, so I just wanted to get involved with something new.”

Directly after, McCully recollected, “I had previously done it at my old school system, so I thought it would be fun to try it here, too.”  

Subsequent to their responses as to why they joined the play, we inquired what their favorite aspect of being in the play constituted. Likewise, they responded with insightful feedback. 

McCully reflected, “When students go through high school, they have similar shared experiences. I think the school plays offer a new and enriching experience that will long be remembered.” 

Myers emphasized, “It is a really fun experience you get to meet new people, and it is nice to try something new, and put yourself out there more.”   

The director of the play, Mrs. Fonagy, has discreetly devised all the amazing themes for the plays and musicals. The theme of the upcoming spring musical remains confidential; however, Mrs. Fonagy delineated that it is comprised of modern music. 

She chose 67 Cinderellas deriving from the comedy and upliftingness that it encompassed. Furthermore, by doing this theme, she was able to have a myriad of kids who wanted to participate.

For over 20 years, Mrs. Fonagy has been partaking in plays and musicals; her favorite aspect of directing plays that she witnessed over the duration of those years was “watching students do something out of their comfort zone that they thought they could never do and doing it very well. Kids in play get to meet people that they might have otherwise not met. Seeing the melding of the population is so amazing.”  

In summation, the play is a nostalgic, remarkable expedition that is ingrained into your memories, even after high school. You do not have to be a good singer or actor, but solely being an optimistic and reliable person is all it requires to join!

Students, if you have not gotten your chance to join in on this year’s fall play, you will have the opportunity to join the incoming spring musical. If you want to participate in the spring musical or future plays, just speak with Mrs. Fonagy.