Graduation Reflection: A Poem


Maddie Anzevino, Editor in Chief

As one chapter closes, another one proposes       

Four years came and went

Hopefully, they were wistfully spent

As the final 3 quarters remain, they ideally will be void of pain 

A farewell to the good old day’s abate

As the ultimate period of termination awaits

In the time to come, you’ll be taking your last school test, along with all the rest 

You’ll be receiving your last report card. Sitting through your last class. Hoping that the time would deliberately pass. 

One day, you’ll be standing up in a cap and gown saying goodbye to people you’ve made a million memories with. The people who you watched grow up; who watched you grow up. 

With the passage of time, you’ll gradually forget about the memories made

They will all start to fade

Until one day, a former memory will pervade

As nostalgic sentiments compile, you’ll most likely look back and smile

Nonetheless, the ending is comprised of a new expedition with new goals. New experiences. And new requisite ambiguities

Sooner or later, the impending day is ahead

A time of pinnacle progression awaits

As the future lies in wait

Where did the time go?