MLB Playoffs

MLB Playoffs


By: Vince Garayua, Staff Writer & Danny Bulatko, Staff Writer

It was a wild race to the finish as the MLB season came to an end. Yesterday in the American League both the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays clinched their final spot in the wild card race. They beat out the Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers, who were both only one game back.

The Orioles and Blue Jays will face off in a one-game series tonight at 8:00 pm ET. The winner of that series will go on to face the American League West Champions, the Texas Rangers.

On the other side of the race the American League East Champions, the Boston Red Sox, will face the American League Central Champions, the Cleveland Indians, who haven’t won the Central title since 2007. Coincidentally, in that series they also faced the Red Sox and came up short losing 4-3 in the series.

The National League race ended with the San Francisco Giants squeezing in the final National League Wild Card spot over the St. Louis Cardinals who were only half a games behind. The Giants will go on to face the New York Mets in a one-game series for the wildcard. The winner of that game will go on to face the best team of the year and National League Central Champions, the Chicago Cubs.

The National League East Champions, the Washington Nationals, will face the National League West Champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers. It will be interesting to see how this playoff series will turn out; it really is anyone’s game.