1970’s Classic Christmas Films


Christmas is right around the corner, and while new movies are coming out left and right, a lot of the old, nostalgic, classics exhibit good life lessons, and fun stories for all ages to enjoy.

Many may be looking for good movies to watch, and here are some reviews on some of the most classic and worthwhile movies. 

 The following movie features and descriptions come from Me TV

The 1970’s Christmas movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is the longest running Christmas movie. The website notes that this classic displays valuable life lessons, including accepting one another’s differences, believing in yourself, and working together to solve issues. 

Another classic is Frosty the Snowman. Many know the popular song,  and the movie encourages good behavior and believing in the spirit of Christmas. This is a great movie for children because the content within shows lessons of being helpful, a good friend, and overall shows companionship. 

A classic film released in 1970, known as “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” has captured the hearts of  millions during the holiday season. The story answers children’s most asked questions about Santa, such as why his suit is red or how he started giving toys out to children. This story is loved by all and allows children to keep their Christmas Spirit high through the holidays.

A year without Santa Claus is an idea we all have wondered about. What would happen on December 25th if we did not have Santa around to bring us gifts on Christmas morning? In the film “The Year Without a Santa Claus”, Santa comes down with a fever and feels he needs a break from Christmas in the year of 1974. This story is great for the holidays and shows that even if Santa needs a break once in a while, Christmas can never be ruined and will always have a great outcome.

As the world anxiously awaits December 25th, they can gather together in their homes and watch these true Christmas classics.