Top 5 Hallmark movie recommendations for Christmas!


Every Christmas the channel Hallmark plays 25 days of Christmas movies! Each year, I would watch as many as I could with my grandmother.

Here is my recommendation list of ones I wouldn’t miss! 

My list starts off strong with The Christmas Card.  This movie is about a soldier in the military who receives a letter from a woman in California. After receiving the letter, he goes on a journey to find her. This movie is great to watch if you have a loved one in the military! 

Next up is the cutest trilogy titled, A Christmas Prince. It has a lovely royal Christmas aesthetic to it. The movie is about a prince who is next in line to be king , and a journalist is sent undercover to cover the latest news about him. It is a fun movie series that is similar to Tall Girl and The Kissing Booth

Another good one is The Princess Switch, which once again has a pretty royal Christmas aesthetic. The duchess and an ordinary woman end up switching lives and fall in love with each other’s partners. The film could be described as a fairytale-like love story. 

A scenario where unlikely love is found is the movie Christmas In Love. It features a small town bakery owner facing the new CEO who wants to modernize the store. When Ellie finds this out, she is determined to change his perspective and focus more on the heartwarming aspects of the bakery’s memories, instead of being so cold hearted and wanting to change it all. 

Last but not least is Christmas in Conway. This is a heartwarming film because while Suzy has returned from the hospital and has to have a nurse, her husband decides to build a Ferris wheel for Christmas, to remind her of their many good memories on it. When building it, he gets assistance from a landscape designer named Tommy. While Suzy is getting taken care of by Natalie, an unlikely love forms. 

The Hallmark Channel has so many great Christmas movies, but these are some of the best!