Quiz Bowl and its successes


Quiz Bowl, previously known as Academic Challenge, is a way to confront our young minds academically and show off our talent, and at Poland Seminary High School, Mrs. Rinehart is leading the team towards success for the 2021-2022 school year.

Mrs Rinehart was in charge years ago and has recently become leader again this year and is more than thrilled to be back.

She said, “I really enjoyed it years ago and had some successful seasons, and the students participating this year will make our team fun and successful! 

Even though the season has only just begun, Mrs Rinehart can see the tremendous amount of talent within this year’s participants

She thinks very highly of this year’s team.

She said, “I think we are shaping up to be a strong contender in the league.”

There are so many different factors that could play into a team’s success, but in this team in particular, she feels as though  “the dedication to the teamis the most important factor in this team’s success. 

Mrs. Rinehart also said, “It is helpful if members are willing to study and practice outside of team practices; a few of our varsity players do this and reflect a passion for competition.” 

Mrs Rinehart thoroughly enjoys the team and just being in charge of Quiz Bowl in general. 

Although she enjoys every part of Quiz Bowl, her favorite parts are “the competitive nature of the activity and learning new things all the time; also, being exposed to the questions asked, and the highly intelligent people involved. 

Quiz Bowl is an amazing way to challenge the mind and learn new things in a competitive setting all  while having fun with your friends and possibly making new ones as well. 

Mrs Rinehart encourages all students to join Quiz Bowl and put their mind to the test!

Quiz Bowl has a rich history, the games origin, in fact, traces back to a game called “College Bowl;” this was a radio program from 1953 to 1955 until it became a television show that pitted college teams against each other with academic challenges. Most notably is when the four teammates of Agnes Scott College won against Princeton’s all male school (Siegel, 2012). 

Much like the teams back then, Quiz Bowl still remains a challenge to young students to show off their smarts and prove their talent