MCCTC Field Trip


On January 21 2022, some sophomores from Poland Seminary High School had the opportunity to go to the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center (MCCTC) to experience and visit optional learning programs. 

MCCTC is a high school but programmed differently. They have the basic classes, English, math, science, social studies, but they all deal with the specific fields the student is studying in. They then spend half of their day (either morning or afternoon) in labs, which interact and demonstrate what to do in the specific field.

The school addresses a bunch of academies that allow students to participate in labs as well as gain experience prior to graduation in their desired field. Some students go straight off to work as soon as they graduate, while others follow up in college with their prior experience from the career center. 

The fellow writers of this article, Liberty Lavelle and Bridgett Eckman elaborated further on the academies they visited. 


The first academy I viewed was the Global Academy, which includes Aviation Mechanics, Building Construction and Remodeling, Digital Design and Print Technology, Electricity, and Public Safety. While I did not get to see every lab, the ones I did were very interesting and immersive, specifically Aviation Mechanics. In that lab, we not only learned all the ways skills learned in the lab could be used and taken into the real world, but we also got to participate in some activities. For example, I cut and welded wire, and then tested it to see if I did it properly. 

The second academy I toured was the ICONS (Innovation, Creativity, and Opportunities in Stem) Academy. The labs in this academy include Allied Health & Pre-Nursing, Animal/Pre-Veterinary Science, Biomedical Science, Engineering & Robotics, Exercise Science & Physical Therapy Tech, Networking & Cybersecurity, Software Engineering & Development. Here, I focused on the Biomedical Science Lab, which I really enjoyed. It was also very hands-on and the students and instructors immersed visitors in the experience. Additionally, the instructors and students were super welcoming and eager to share information and answer questions. 


Likewise, my experience at the Mahoning County Technical Career Center was positive. I visited two academies, starting with the Arts. The Arts academy includes Cosmetology, Creative Arts and Design, Early Childhood Education and Culinary Arts. All five labs were very hands-on and interactive. For example, all but the Creative Arts and Design program offer services to the public to start students off in a real work environment before graduation. These services include a full running beauty salon, restaurant, and a day care/preschool service. The teachers of this lab are also very intelligible and resourceful to their students.

The second academy I attended was the ICONS academy mentioned before. These labs were also extremely hands on. Another example would include the nursing academy. When you walk into their lab, it feels and looks like a running doctor’s office or emergency room. In all the science labs, they learn techniques using real patients or organisms. The teachers in this academy are similarly very welcoming to anyone willing to join the lab.

MCCTC is a great alternative to the regular high school path for those looking to gain previous experiences and gain more knowledge in their future careers.