Writing Electives Offered at PSHS


Maddie Anzevino, Editor-in-Chief

Students, here at Poland Seminary High School, there are diversified opportunities offered to broaden your writing horizons. In particular, the school offers two electives– Seminarian Newspaper, an all-year club during your fourth period; Literary Magazine, an extracurricular club that takes place after school. 

Primarily, students interested in journalism, writing, broadcasting, and interviewing, are bestowed the opportunity to write for varied audiences and enhance their communication aptitude. Accordingly, there are many assets that come with joining the Seminarian Newspaper staff: 

  • Low Stress

In particular, Seminarian is a pass or fail class. As long as you are finalizing all your articles, submitting them on time, and putting in a sufficient amount of effort, the class should be an easy credit. Plus, you take the class all year, so you can obtain one full credit toward graduation. The intermission between article submission dates is about a week, and you have approximately two weeks to work on articles. When you are not conducting an article, the class can be utilized as an additional study hall.  

  • Resume builder

Furthermore, being part of the newspaper staff stands out on a resume because the class requires student participation throughout the entirety of the year, and students will stand out as leaders. 

  • All the writing stays on the website

Even after graduating, the articles remain on the Seminarian website: PSHSem. Starting off, students may initiate as newspaper writers, and in the years following graduation, students may evolve as editors; the digital newspaper can capture their resume of writing and capabilities. 

Personally, as a senior who has been on the newspaper staff for two years, I feel enrolling in the Seminarian is a great opportunity that everyone should be a part of. Something I, along with many other students, regret is not joining the newspaper sooner; if you are deliberating joining, just go for it– you will not regret it! 

Even at 17, I have built a great job resume by including that I am an editor of the school newspaper. Being part of the staff provides you the chance to stand out in interviews and resumes. Therefore, if you are looking to be involved in something that will help you stand out, this can be the way to do it!

In addition, if you need academic involvement, for instance, for the NHS, joining the staff could help you achieve such recognition. Writing for the newspaper is an accountable recollection of your high school years. I have my family and friends read my articles, and I always love looking back on former articles. With the newspaper being digital, it enables the vacancy to showcase your writing and high school accomplishments. 

With that being said, if you are interested in joining the Seminarian Newspaper for the 2022-2023 school year, please fill out the application in order to be considered: https://forms.gle/NydmXkr3nqk9AZ2L8

Equally important, in addition to journalism, if you are into writing and are interested in poetry, narrative writing, haikus, and photography, Literary Magazine is another chance to display your writing. Contrarily, if journalism is not for you, you may deem Literary Magazine as an alternative opportunity. 

Meetings are held once a month, after school, and at meetings, you have the chance to share any entries you wrote; submissions are compiled into the magazine at the end of the year. Likewise, this is a great route to broadcast your writing, and you can include this club on job resumes and in the NHS, too. Again, your magazine submissions can be a great recollection of your high school involvement and achievements. 

Upon reflecting, I, personally, enjoy this club; this club I, also, wish I would have known about and taken it sooner. Prior to being in this club, I had never written a single poem in my life. However, after joining, I instantly fell in love with poetry: I wrote one poem and then the cycle just kept on continuing. Above all, this club will enhance your writing ability if you actively partake in poetry writing. If you are looking to improve your writing, actively writing for this club will help because there are certain techniques embedded into poetry that can help you in your English or writing class. For example, without realizing it, when writing poems, you are more inclined to contain a notable quantity of personification, alliteration, imagery, and emotion that can greatly ameliorate your universal writing. 

Additionally, if you are interested in submitting an entry, this year, for the magazine, submit creative writing to this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScziDK4g4R6XT5fLxu1-ps2jNkun_PzcuLCli_5tAI_I5K0YQ/viewform 

All things considered, if you are interested in writing, The Seminarian Newspaper and The Literary Magazine are two great writing clubs to partake in that will assist you with future skills and opportunities– not to mention, they are both a lot of fun!