Rico & Rinehart Coaching Retirement 


In addition to all the already numerous ups and downs of the 2021-2022 school year, there is more bittersweet news. Two of our favorite teachers are retiring from coaching this year. Mrs. Rinehart and Mr. Black, more commonly known as Rico, have decided this will be their last year coaching cheerleading and basketball respectively. 

In regards to his decision to retire, Rico explained that coaching basketball was becoming a lot for him to take on each year, and he felt that it was time to move on from his position, but he adds that he, “will definitely miss it.” 

Rico mentioned he still is going to try to stay involved. Whether it’ll be attending home games, or helping out where he can; he does not watch to step away completely or leave anyone hanging, as he still has a deep love for the sport and the program. His favorite thing about his coaching career was that he had the opportunity to watch freshmen mature into senior athletes, and become both better basketball players and better people. 

Some of the best memories from coaching he has are from when he coached his son.

Rico said, “Being able to coach my son was really fun at times; it was nerve racking.”

Rico recalls. Funny enough, he also coached all the basketball coaches from the middle school and high school, even the girls head coach. 

The cheer coach, Mrs. Rinehart, has also decided to retire this year upon the graduation of her daughter.

Mrs. Rinehart shares that she is retiring from her coaching position due to the busy schedule cheerleaders have, and “…with [her] daughter going off to college and some other life events going on, [she] will no longer have the extra time to be at every varsity football and basketball event.” 

Even though she will be stepping down from her coaching position, she expresses how much she will miss the cheerleaders and everything that comes with being their coach. Mrs. Rinehart will not entirely be out of the picture, of course. She shared that she still wishes to help out with the program by possibly being an assistant coach.

Mrs. Rinehart had some amazing memories while coaching over the years. She shares that her favorite was coaching a girl who pushed through the challenges of self-doubt and fear.

Rinehart recalls, “One of my favorite memories is of a certain cheerleader as she tried out for freshman cheerleading. She was cut in 7th grade and was trying again, and she was so nervous and also was dealing with a sick family member at the time. She cried through the day of tryouts, feeling down on herself and certain she would be cut. It turned out that she made the squad over others who had more experience, and she also went on to be the only junior on the varsity squad and one of the best senior captains we have ever had. She went on to cheer in college and is now a successful career woman, wife, and mom. She was able to overcome all that self-doubt to become one of the most successful cheerleaders I’ve coached in this program, and that was a rewarding thing to see as a coach.” 

Mrs. Rinehart and Rico will both be missed as coaches, but they have left their athletes with great memories and lessons that will accompany them as they pursue their future goals.