PSHS 2022 Girl’s Lacrosse Team Start Up

Katelyn Domico and Peyden Grope

With the upcoming PSHS 2022 Girl’s Lacrosse season’s practices starting up, we decided to ask the girl’s lacrosse team some questions to get their insight on the sport and spread awareness about the start of the new season. 

We started off the interview process by asking each one of the girls, “What are you most looking forward to this season?”  

Many girls reported that they were looking forward to their first game, coming up on Wednesday March 23 ,2022 against Louisville. Along with the girls starting up on this year’s season with some new teammates, the girls also are excited to welcome their new coach, Mara Banfield, onto the team. 

Secondly, we posed the question, “What  do you enjoy most about working with your teammates during the season.?”

“I enjoy learning most from them and the friendships that are created. The relationships formed help us to play better in the field and give us a better chance at winning,” says Kylie Ozengar, a junior student on the varsity team. 

We then posed another question to one of the junior varsity girls asking, “What are you most looking forward to this season?” 

“I think I’m most looking forward to is learning how everyone plays and coming together as a team. Overall, just get comfortable with each other and just have fun,” says Liberty Lavelle, a sophomore. 

This past Wednesday, the girls had their first scrimmage against rival team Canfield Cardinals. Although the scores were 16-0 Varsity and 11-0 Junior Varsity, in favor of the Cardinals, the girls gained so much learning experience. Overall, the girls have more knowledge on what to expect and are more confident and prepared for their first upcoming game.