Part I – The 2022 Arnold Classic


So what is the Arnold Classic? The Arnold Classic is an annual strength show that incorporates a plethora of strength sports including bodybuilding, powerlifting, and most famously strongman. The Arnold is also where companies from all over the country come to advertise new products or to spread awareness about their company. Since its inception in 1989, Arnold has been hosting a bodybuilding competition in Columbus, Ohio and adding different sports throughout the years. 

Some of the other competitors include, strongman, arm wrestling, powerlifting, strict curl, foosball, and bodybuilding. Most competitions allow women to compete as well. This expo is a place for athletes, influencers, and companies to come together for many reasons. Many famous athletes come from all over the world to meet people or to compete against the pinnacle of their sport.


Photo Description: 

On the left: Jerry Pritchett 

On the right: Evan Singleton

(Both of these athletes are world class strongmen

 who have competed in the Worlds Strongest Man contest)