Easter Traditions


Easter has been around for countless years, but what is its significance, origin, and classic traditions that follow its appearance every Spring? 

Easter is celebrated in many different and unique ways, but all of them bring light to the holiday.

Easter’s origin is sometimes associated with the pre-christian goddess in England, Eostre. Her celebration began in the beginning of spring. 

Easter in a Christian sense celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ following church, Good Friday, etc. and on the day of Easter, a nice dinner is usually held. 

Greek Orthodox Easter takes place around a different time than “regular” Easter but has similar beliefs and traditions with many preparations and special meals for the sacred day. 

Classical traditions around the world have decorations with bunnies, chicks, eggs, flowers, and all things considered spring.

For kids, Easter egg hunts are usually held with surprises in each of the eggs. Easter morning, a basket is usually hidden, and filled with candy and toys left by the Easter bunny. 

All in all, Easter is celebrated with many different traditions by many people, and all ways of celebration are special.