Graduating Seniors


As the young minds of Poland Seminary High School embark on their new journey into college, there are many tips on how they can prepare. Talking to alumni and other seniors, here is what they had to say. First, the alumni had much to say, including topics such as classes, clubs, and activities, and in general, ways to stay involved. Notably, though, other graduating seniors discussed how they were preparing for their next steps in life.

We first talked to our graduating seniors.

Maddy Rinehart is going to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, and she discussed with us how she is very excited to graduate and eager to start learning in her very prestigious program. Ideas in which she thought she could prepare included, making lists of items that she may need for her dorm and school but also clothes that she feels she needs for college too.

Rinehart stated, “I’ve realized that I don’t really have a lot of sweatpants and leggings considering we aren’t allowed to wear them to school, but since there isn’t much of a dress code in college, I definitely want to buy more.” 

Next, we talked to Dom Klase. Klase just decided on Ohio State University; he also said how he is very excited about graduating and being able to live in the city. Klases’s main thoughts on how he could prepare are finding a roommate and meeting with advisors to see what classes would be the best fit for him. 

Then, we talked to Carmen D’Alesio who is also attending Ohio State University, and he is also excited to graduate but will miss his teachers and friends from school that he will not be able to see as often. D’Alesio plans to do research on the types of things that he needs to bring with him and what types of classes he will need to take. In addition to interviewing them, we also wanted to give our own input. 

Sam Kopkash is planning to attend Slippery Rock University. Kopkash is very excited to graduate as well as most seniors are. Ways she has prepared is doing research on dorms and the places that are around her university, as well as making lists of things she may need. 

I, Madeleine Mickley, am going to Kent State University, and as many of my classmates are ready to graduate, so am I. I will miss teachers and people who I am friends with inside of school. I plan to prepare by going through my clothes and getting rid of things that I won’t need anymore and making lists of items I still need to buy.

Overall, the consensus among the class of 2022 is that while there is a lot that will be missed, we are very excited to graduate and start our new journey into college. Speaking for everyone, all of our teachers and fellow classmates will be missed, and we will always remember the lessons and fond memories that we have of Poland Seminary High School.