Poland Cross Country Underway


Ben Harrell, Sports Editor

The Fall season brings many staples such as football, pumpkin spice lattes, and corn mazes.  However, an important part of Fall that should not be overlooked is the Poland Cross Country Team.  

The team has been off to a great start in recent weeks.  They started their season at the Glen Oak Invitational where they faced off against many division one teams.  In the past two weeks, the team has acquired some titles such as winning their meet at East Palestine, and a second win came at Brookefield.  

With many varsity runners returning such as Logan Flament, Jack Dwyer, Parker Goldman, Danny Daily, Ava Gallo, Olivia Zura, and Emily Bayerl, the runners should have no problem overcoming any obstacles in the weeks to come.  

A cross country race in high school is a complete 3.1 miles.  The new class of Freshman have had to adjust to more of an extended race than usual.  

Freshman Alex Cook said, “It actually feels like double the distance.” 

Cook also stressed how much “a tougher mental game” a race can be.

Senior runner and state qualifier Logan Flament is back in action on the course after a small injury.  

Flament reflected on how it feels to be back.

Flament said,  “It was a long six months to go without something I’m very passionate about.” Flamant also stressed that he wants to be the best in the area and “win a state championship and get a world record while I’m at it, but success aside, I just want to have a good time.”

All in all, the team has high hopes for the season and hopes they come home with the win at their next home meet on Tuesday.