Welcoming Mr. Beard to Poland Elementary


Poland Elementary welcomed a returning Bulldog to the school, Matthew Beard, as their new K-3 Principal. Mr. Beard was a former administrator in the Boardman School District, where he worked with a range of students, grades 4-8. He has worked a total of 16 years in the educational field, 9 as a teacher and 7 as an administrator at Boardman.

Beard graduated from Poland Seminary in 2000 and went on to graduate from Youngstown State University. Principal Beard has two boys of his own, 12 and 9 years old, who attend Poland. 

When asked about his plans for the elementary school, Beard mentioned PBIS, Positive Behavioral Intervention System, which guides schools in implementing programs for improving academic, social, and behavior outcomes for all students. His take on this for Poland is PAWS. An abbreviation for positive, accountable, welcoming, and safe. 

Besides this new positive program, Beard wants to return to old traditions. 

Principal Beard said, “I want to bring back concerts for K-3. Covid kind of took the concerts away. I want to bring back assemblies, bring back field trips. I think it’s doing the educational activities that are a lot of fun, and I want them to be out in the community to tie it all together.”

As for sharing the role with Mr. Purins, Beard thinks this partnership is beneficial. Mr. Purins is the middle school principal.

“It’s always great to have more eyes, more ears, in the building. Safety walks together, crisis plans together, it’s awesome to have somebody else just to speak to, to bounce an idea off whether it’s from PTO or just general classroom things.”

Overall, Poland Staff is welcoming Mr. Beard with open arms as the 2022-2023 school year begins.