Behind the drape: A look the the Poland Players’ Christmas Carol


Lindsay Anderson, Staff Writer

Behind the drape: A look the the Poland Players’ Christmas Carol

Get ready for a ghostly good time. The Poland Players are putting on a production of A Christmas Carol as the fall play this year. The play will take place at Poland Seminary High School on December 1, 2, and 3.

A Christmas Carol is a timeless play about an ill-mannered business owner in London who is shown the error of his ways. Near the end of the play, he changes his ways for his sake and for the sake of others around him. The lead in this play is senior cast member Owen Rodgers as Ebeneezer Scrooge. 

“Yeah, I am very excited (to have a leading role) who wouldn’t be? It adds to what senior year is supposed to be. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to give a last couple of ‘horrahs’ for the Poland Players which was the highlight of my high school experience,” Rodgers said.

The play also features Scrooge’s previous business partner, Jacob Marley. Jacob Marley, played by senior Colin Anderson, has passed away since the time he was working with Scrooge. In the play, he appears to Scrooge and tries to convince him to change his ways, so he can learn from Marley’s mistakes.

“Normally, I am very nice and shy, and I like how, as Marley, I can be very loud and intense on stage,” Anderson stated.

The play is directed by Mrs. Fonagy. She has been the Poland Players director for 25 years. This is the first play she has directed since she retired as the school secretary. 

“It has been my dream for the last 6-8 years to one day have this be my full time job so that I can truly dedicate all of my energy into producing and directing a show. My time and energy should grow exceptionally. I can full time be a play director. It will make it that much more fun and that much more exciting and that much more interesting for me,” Mrs. Fonagy explained.

The cast and crew are working very hard on this play. It is going to be amazing. You will not want to miss it.