Bulldogs Soccer Overview


Jacob Thompson and James Clutter

During the fall season, we usually think of football when it comes to sports, but soccer also plays a significant role. This year, we have seen significant progress in both of our soccer teams here at Poland Seminary High School.

At the time of writing, the Poland Girls Soccer Team currently upholds four wins and only two losses. (4-2). On the other hand, the boy’s team holds seven wins, two losses, and one tie. (7-2-1). This year, both teams showcase extraordinary skills and talent.

To recap the girl’s season with 4 wins and 2 losses, they have shown lots of talent and hard work throughout the season so far. But facing many challenges after losing 4 great seniors last year.

From senior, Ellie Shaffer, “This season so far, I’d rate it an 8. Obviously, we lost 4 great players so I think we have to work on how to play without them more. And we also need to work on communication within the team.”

The team has strived a lot to work hard and step up to all work together. The girl’s home opener against Canfield resulted in the team’s first loss after losing to Canfield with a score of 4-1.

Quickly after, they had redeemed themselves with their first win against South Range a week after with a score of 4-0. The next day the girls battled Jefferson Area, defeating them 10-0.

Right after, the team conquered Girard with a score of 11-0. On Wednesday, August 31, Poland took on Hubbard, defeating them with a score of 5-0. West Branch took a win over Poland with a score of 3-1, resulting in the second loose for the girl’s team this season.

On the other hand, recapping the boy’s season, they currently hold 7 wins, two losses, and one tie. The team has shown lots of hard work, lots of effort, and progress this season. The boy’s home opener resulted in their first win of the season with a score of 3-0 defeating Louisville. The boys then gained another victory over Ursuline with a score of 3-0.

The team developed their first loss against Howland with a score of 3-0. The team then battled CVCA losing with a score of 1-0. The team then tied Boardman with a score of 2-2.

They then beat South Range with a score of 2-1 after defeating Jefferson 8-0 the game before. Keeping the winning streak alive with 3 more wins against Girard, Hubbard, and Austintown Fitch.

Hearing players reflect on their season gives a significant insight into the player’s minds, allowing us to hear and understand more than just watching the game. Being able to learn about what each player desires to improve allows us to get a much better understanding and insight into how the team functions and how players work together. Speaking with two players, here is what they had to say when asked what their biggest accomplishments were this year:

From Ellie Shaffer, “One of my major highlights personally is that I picked up a new position, and I learned how to play it this year.”

From Freshman, Elliana Thompson, “My biggest accomplishment this year so far would be probably starting to play more varsity and all the hard work is starting to pay off. But myself and the team still have a lot of work to do to be able to get to the end result we all want.”

8 games remain in the season for the girl’s team, while 6 games remain in the regular season for the boy’s team.