Homecoming Football Game


James Clutter and Ben Harrell

There is a rich tradition at Poland Seminary High School where right before the homecoming game they announce who the king and queen will be out of the five pairs voted for by the student body. The five nominated pairs are Sophia D’Angelo and JP Genova, Bella Beight and Andrew Slaven, Ava Nicholudis and Noah Huda, Caylee Catcott and Logan Flament, and Katie Justice and Jacob Allsopp. They will determine the winner before the game. 

The game will be held in Poland, and the team will be taking on the Niles Dragons.  With Poland’s record being 2-3 and the dragons being 2-3, the game is bound to have a close score.  Both teams have some of the hardest schedules in Division 4, so facing each other in conference play is a nice change for both teams.  

Reflecting on the game ahead, senior wide receiver Matteo Melone said, “Its gonna be tough, we are dealing with a lot injuries.”

 Senior, Dennis McCully said, “ The most important thing we do is practice” and “ the pen is in our hand, we just gotta keep writing our story.” 

Winners of the homecoming court were JP Genova, and Bella Beight.  Last year’s previous winners Ethan Mckenzie and Emmy Dinsio who had the opportunity to come back and crown this year’s winners.  

The Poland football team comes through with a win on Friday.  Even with Poland running on their third string quarterback, the team still worked with what they had.  A team like that is a true image of what our community is all about.