Marching Band is Grand 


Marching band is my favorite group to be a part of. I feel like I’m part of a team. Many people think that the marching band is just for football games, but the PSHS Marching Band includes great activities throughout the whole  school year. 

Every summer, you get to go to band camp starting in Mid-July until August. In band camp, we learn new drills every day for the year and learn new music, and there’s always an opportunity to make new friends.

When I was in band camp, I got to make new friends and hang out with them all the time. When you’re in marching band every Friday, you will go to all of the football games for free. The football games are so much fun to go to. The crowd really gets the marching band pumped. 

Another fun thing every year is you will go to band nights. At band nights ,you will listen to other bands from different high schools as well as meet new people. When I was at a band night, all of the marching bands sounded unique. 

Marching bands also get to go on big trips every 2 years. Last year, the band went to Disney World. It was so much fun, walking around Disney with my friends. Marching and playing music at Disney. Next year, maybe we will get to go to Universal Studios. 

The other thing is when you’re in the Marching Band, there are small trips such as Cedar Point. When you’re at Cedar Point, you play the Memorial Day march song. After that, you get to ride on all of the rides at Cedar Point until the evening. When you’re in the 8th grade band, you get to march in the Memorial Day Parade with the High School marching band.  

In conclusion, if you join the marching band, there will be a lot of activities to do if you’re in the marching band. My favorite part of being in the marching band was going to Walt Disney World last year. Every year, the marching band does fundraisers. When I did band in middle school, I was really interested in joining the marching band. I’ve been doing marching band for 3 years now. I feel everyone should experience the marching band.