Gas Stations of Poland

Matteo Malone and Nikolas McAleer

Local gas stations are an integral part of any small town culture. They provide a place to congregate and replenish your needs like food, drinks, and gas. However, with rising inflation, prices are increasing. The Poland Community needs to know where they get the most bang for their buck. 

The two main gas stations in the city of Poland are the Shell Gas Station on 57 N Main St. and the other Shell Gas Station on 3190 Center Road by Giant Eagle. Many teenagers in our generation also consider some gas stations a “hang-out spot.”

There are many reasons why people choose one gas station over the other. Proximity is a big factor in people’s decisions, but it’s also quality over quantity. According to the poll below, people rely on the Shell by Walgreens more than the one by the Giant Eagle.

We wanted to know which gas station people preferred, so I asked 10 students at Poland Seminary High School what their preferences are. 

Out of the 10 students, 6 said they prefer the Shell by Walgreens, and 4 said they prefer the Shell by Giant Eagle. 

Most of the students had the same reasoning saying that they go to the gas station closest to where they live. 

Senior Katie Justice said that she preferred to go to the Shell by Giant Eagle because the gas prices are lower.

At the time of writing this article, The Shell by Giant Eagle’s gas prices is $3.39 for regular, $3.79 for midgrade, and $4.29 for premium. The Shell by Walgreens gas price is $3.45 for regular, $3.74 for midgrade, and $4.19 for premium. This is changing daily though. 

Although the Shell by Giant Eagle’s gas prices are better, the Shell by Walgreens has a wider variety of snacks and drinks you can choose from according to the student body.