Girls Golf


Allison Lockiec, Staff Writer

Poland’s Girls Golf Team has had a successful season. With regular season matches now over, the team is heading to the sectionals tournament on Thursday, September 29 at Pine Lakes golf course in Hubbard after winning the NE8 tournament.

The team has really stepped up their golf game this year. Being undefeated in their conference, the varsity team is very consistent in playing and skill level. The varsity players include senior Cassidy Smith along with juniors Nina Gordon, Kylie Kapics, Olivia Loftus, Katelynn Roberts, and Allison Lockiec. The top 5 golfers are headed to the tournament this Thursday.

Golf Coach Joe Colella speaks on strengths of the team, but mentions the lack of experience they have.

However, Colella states, “Overall, they are not quitters. They won’t give up, and have a willingness to keep fighting.”

The team is at a record of 10-2 for overall regular season matches. Winning the NE8 title at Squaw Creek Golf Course was a great feat for the team.

Junior Kylie Kapics even had the best score in the tournament, winning the individual award.

Heading to sectionals, player Cassidy Smith confidently says, “I think we’re going to have a solid chance. I think with the work we’ve put in, we have a good chance of doing good at the sectionals.”

Opposed to the nine holes of a golf match, a tournament is the full eighteen holes.

Smith explains that “there’s always challenges with an 18 hole tournament. I think the biggest challenge comes mentally, physically of course you have to stay strong, but it’s really a mental game.”

Another aspect of playing tournaments and golf in general is how courses are affected by poor weather. 

Player Nina Gordon recalls from the NE8 tournament, “…I did have a hard time though, because in the morning the weather wasn’t very good, and that’s something you also have challenges with during golf.”

Hoping for good weather during the upcoming tournament, the team would have to make the top four overall in sectionals to make it to districts. However, if a player has an outstanding score they have the ability to advance individually.

Player Olivia Loftus exclaims, “Go Dogs!” as the team looks forward to the upcoming tournament.