OH Donut Company Now Open in Poland


Allison Lockiec and Christina Gray

After the much anticipated arrival, OH Donut Co has officially opened the doors to its new Poland location. Creating jobs for numerous PSHS students and alumni, as well as bringing a fun business to Poland, it is an exciting new addition to the community. The address is 101 S Main St, Poland, OH 44514. 

OH Donut is a sister company to One Hot Cookie. Looking to expand, and with not much dining in the Poland community, they brought their business to the small town. 

The business is owned by Bergen Giordani, her daughter, and local Poland resident Dr. Rubino. Giordani touches on the fact that her family is local to the area in hopes that the community recognizes their support for the town. The company supports non profit organizations and gives back to the community in various ways through fundraising programs.

Giordani emphasizes that they “love to be part of the community.”

With the expansion of the business came an expansion of the menu. Of course, they have a variety of donuts but also have options to enjoy the treat with ice cream. 

Giodani said, “. . . We wanted it to be fun and we wanted it to have something for everybody. Somewhere you want to go after school or you also may want to take your grandparents here. . .” 

Along with this is coffee, soups, sandwiches, and more. The company is accommodating to a variety of customers by providing gluten free options too. 

Another positive is that the new Poland location is open longer compared to the other stores. Being open later in the day makes this a great option for a wider variety of people who are interested in trying the many items OH Donut Co. has to offer.

An employee, junior Maddie Garwood, speaks on the environment at the shop.

“It’s really laid back, but still professional… it’s a comfortable environment.”

Garwood continues by talking about her favorite treats. 

“I like our seasonal menu, which includes donuts like the caramel apple, and the pumpkin spice latte.”

Overall, the business seems to be a nice addition to the community. They are open Tuesday-Thursday, 7-7, Saturdays 8-7, and Sunday 8-2.