Handel’s Ice Cream is the Best


Terann Sole, Staff Writer

On July 15, 1945, Handel’s Ice Cream was founded in Youngstown, Ohio. Alice Handel created the ice cream franchise company. Handel’s Ice Cream has been in 10 states for 77 years. The headquarters is in Canfield, Ohio. Many people go to Handel’s because they love the ice cream, and they enjoy the workers. 

When you go to Handel’s on a nice hot sunny day, you see a lot of ice cream flavors on their menu. They create new flavors every season. My favorite flavors are Salty Caramel Truffle and Coconut Caramel Delight. However, they have many  amazing flavors such as Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, and Mint Chocolate Chip. 

After interviewing Sarah Forsyth, a worker at Handels, she told me about her job.  She’s a senior attending Poland Seminary High School. She is a 4 letter winner Volleyball player, 4 letter Basketball Player, and a 3 letter Lacrosse Player. 

When I asked Sarah Forsyth what her favorite ice cream is, Forsyth said, “Black Raspberry Chunk.”

Every couple of months, they have new flavors for a limited time. 

 Another fact about Handel’s is you can apply for a job to work there. All of the workers are very friendly and kind to the customers.

I want to apply to work at Handel’s Ice cream because it’s very close to home.

When I asked Sarah Forsyth why she applied to work there, Forsyth said, “it’s close to her house, and she likes ice cream.”

If I work at Handel’s, I’m going to have really nice coworkers to work with.

I asked Sarah if she likes her coworkers and she said, “Yes.”

If you work at Handel’s, you have to serve the person’s ice cream and tell them what the price is for the ice cream.

When asking Sarah how she remembered all the prices she said, “You have to keep memorizing the prices.”

Knowing the product is part of the job. 

Another thing I like about Handel’s is that I get to see my friends that work there.

“Everyone is super nice at Handel’s, ” Forsyth said. The workers can give you big scoops of ice cream if you go up and ask how many scoops you want. If you’re working at Handel’s for the first time, you might be nervous or excited.

“She was excited when she got the job,” Forsyth said. 

Every high school uses Handel’s for fundraising to raise money for sports, band boosters, and charities.

The Poland Seminary High School Cheerleaders was selling gift cards from Handel’s Ice Cream. Also, if you’re in Marching, we have sold Handel’s gift cards for fundraisers. 

I like their new ice cream flavors, and my Dad loves ice cream.

In conclusion, I love to eat ice cream from Handel’s, it’s delicious! I like to go out to get ice cream with my friends, especially when it’s hot out. If you get to go to Handel’s, it’s a real treat.