Fall Celebrate Poland


Saturday, October 8 was the Fall Celebrate Poland. There were fun events. There were various food stands including but not limited to: Stromboli, ice cream, hot dumplings, pizza, concessions, burgers, elephant ears, Magic Tree, and fries. 

There were also bounce houses for the little kids to enjoy which made it fun for the whole family. There were several different varieties including ones with obstacle courses, slides, and ones with Disney characters on the front of them.

The Poland Historical Society was also there giving educational talks every hour about the history of our town. One of the heads of the historical society Mr.Boughman was present at the event.

“We are trying to spread the word about the history of Poland as part of the historical society. We also provide education programs,” Mr. Boughman said.

There were also different small businesses and crafts that had stands at the festivals to sell their products. Some of the items sold included; bake goods, skin products, earrings, wreaths, candles, and press on nails. 

There was also a dog costume contest. Dogs were dressed up as a variety of different items from pumpkins to hot dogs. There was even a dog dressed up as a doctor. 

Finally, there was a pumpkin decorating contest. People from three age categories decorated pumpkins. There were about 75 pumpkins submitted this year. This contest was sponsored by countryside farms LLC. 

“I love to See how creative everyone is. It’s amazing what someone can do with a Pumpkin and turn it into something else,” said Contest Coordinator Tricia Perry.

At 4:00 in the afternoon, there was a parade featuring many organizations from Poland including the Poland Marching Band.

Many people of all ages and from all grades enjoyed the festival. Senior Alisha Mueez attended the festival as well.

“I enjoyed celebrate Poland a lot because I’ve never been to the Fall Celebrate Poland before, so it was a new experience for me. I got to see a lot of interesting, and cool stands, with crafts that people made… and I got some unique food from the food trucks,” said Mueez.

Overall, it was a very fun and successful celebration of our town.