The Outdoors Club


The Outdoors Club is the newest addition to Poland Seminary High School. Initially wanting to form a bowling club, President Dennis McCully was encouraged to think of an extracurricular involving the outdoors. Influenced by the Covid lockdown, with help from others, he created a fun way to enjoy nature and avoid being cooped up.

McCully and Club Administrator, Mrs. Smith, PSHS Science Teacher, both addressed the mental aspects of the club. Students can benefit from both being outdoors and socializing with their peers.

“Nature and the outdoors is something that we take for granted especially with high school kids because we have such busy schedules…It’s nice to be given the opportunity to do this, and it’s also good for your mental health. I think it will benefit the students in that way,” says McCully. 

Mrs. Smith adds, “Not a lot of people are able to get outdoors, so it’s an opportunity to socialize and expand their knowledge too.” 

Another aspect is students exposed to the outdoors are able to learn how to be stewards to the environment as well. How to not litter, use outdoor equipment, etc. are important skills the outdoor club members can carry on with them. 

The club plans to participate in monthly activities. Their first activity was held recently: hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. They hiked the Kendall Ledges Trail, visiting caves and climbing rocks along the way. At the end of October, the club is going to visit a corn maze. It’s a great way to expose students to places they haven’t heard of before such as Cuyahoga. 

As the club is mostly student run, McCully has hopes for future students to take over the  leadership roles.

“I would like for it to continue and for people to step up to the plate. I would like for people to take over the reign of leadership because I’m a senior now, so I’ll be gone. My hope for it is to function as it is right now.” 

Mrs. Smith also has hopes to raise funds in the near future.

Students vote on the activities they would like to go on monthly. It can be anything from “…rock climbing to golfing to kayaking. Anything outdoors or even indoors such as bowling,” Mrs. Smith explains. 

Once they’ve chosen an event, the planning begins.